Next bal folk

The next bal folk is on Sunday 25 March 2018!

Two special guests this time, from Wageningen and Groningen!

Andoorn is rooted in Wageningen. Inspired by folk music from the Low Countries and other traditions, they write original compositions from wild to intimate. Andoorn creates a cheerful and energetic atmosphere with every now and again an intimate moment. Andoorn’s melodies are a joy to listen and dance to!

De Grove Maling
De Grove Maling is catchy balfolk with much energy and joy for musicians and dancers alike.

As always our house ensemble Madlot will kick off the party, and our balfolk string orchestra Vijf Bier Voor De Houtzagerij will play as well! And don’t forget the open stage

As always the bal folk will be in theatre venue De Wilde Wereld, Burgtstraat 1 in Wageningen. We start at 15.00 with an introduction for aspiring bal folkies, and the bal is from 16.00 to 21.00-ish, with a short gastronomic intermezzo for a simple but nutritious meal!

The entrance fee is €6,50.