Next bal folk

Next bal folk is on 10 March 2019!

With old friends as special guests:

Puck and Niels
Regular visitors will surely remember them: the unforgettable Puck Duits (French bagpipe) and Niels Lammers (tuba)! I hear you thinking: bagpipe and tuba, is that a good combination? You bet your baguette! But these are not just any other musician! Puck won in 2005 the first prize for solo bagpipe at the prestigious competition of the Saint Chartier festival; Niels studied tuba at the Artez conservatory in Arnhem and plays in multiple orchestras, including the brass band of the Dutch National Reserve Corps. Together they play music with highly original arrangements that is great for dancing.

Madlot and friends

And as always our house ensemble Madlot will play, with their friends Wouter Koenders (French bagpipe), Corentin Clot (guitar), and Suzi Varga (fiddle). And of course there is the open stage for anyone who wants to play ball!

The bal is in De Wilde Wereld, Burgtstraat 1 in Wageningen. We start at 15.00 uur with an introduction for aspiring bal-folkies and at 16.00 uur we open the dance!

The entrance fee is €7.50.