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Next bal folk Wageningen: Saturday evening 18 March 2017!

And our special guests are the steely veterans of


Windroos is Wijtze Pieter Kikstra en Irina Sarolea. Wijtze Pieter and Irina grew up in an environment full of music. Traditional music has a special place in their hearts, especially the music of the Low Countries (The Netherlands and Belgium), but they also enjoy playing dance music from other Western European countries. They play a wide range of instruments such as diatonic accordeon, nyckelharpa, double bass, flute, percussion, and vocal cords. By constantly changing combinations this group creates a variety of sounds, excellent for dancing.

Vijf Bier Voor De Houtzagerij

This group plays swinging bal folk on nothing else than bowed instruments!

Of course we will also have our house group Madlot. But the most important of all is of course the open stage! All musicians, talent or none, are welcome to play ball!